Ads4Bucks Products (Malaysia)

SMS Blaster (Bulk SMS)

We arrange the SMS Blaster for you at a minimum and an uncompetitive rate preferably the cheapest in the market. You may send short message to anywhere in the world from anywhere you are as long as you are on internet.
  • You may choose any of the sms blaster service below :
    • SMS Blaster Service with RM0.07 cents per credit for RM270 one time pay.
    • SMS Blaster Service with RM0.10 cents per credit for RM150 one time pay.

Personal Blog

Personal Blog services are available for everyone to use. You can write your personal and business activities of choice. "Themes" are supplied for you to enhance your blog. As an additional service, we provide Ads4Blog Coaching Sessions to help you build your very own Personal Blog for a very small fee.
(Please check Schedule for further info on Coaching Sessions).

RM60.00 Storage space provided is 100 Megabytes.
RM100.00 Storage space provided is 200 Megabytes.
RM140.00 Storage space provided is 250 Megabytes.
RM270.00 Storage space provided is 500 Megabytes.
RM550.00 Storage space provided is 1,200 Megabytes.

*All payment made is for life time.


Topics Include:
  • E-books
    500 e-books about Business plan (Business Programming plan) as reference/guidance to start you own Business. There is consistent uploads of NEW E Books of different categories, books you can read to help in categories such as Health, Food, Self Development, etc.
  • Ads4Bucks Ultimate Business Guide
    1,300 templates in Words file and "Fill in the blanks" format regarding Resolution Institution documentaries, Finance, Paper work, Business Programming Plan, Checklist and many more to guide you in the business field.
  • You must have Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or download.

*Life time subscription fee is RM65.00


  • Online Merchant Portal
    The User will be able to sell ones merchandise by using your own choice of payment gateway. Your Shop ON-LINE, OPEN 24/7. NO OVERHEADS. ONLY ONE TIME INVESTMENT.
  • Ads4Mall Basic Training will be provided to all agents.
    (Please look out for the New Schedule coming up soon on the Ads4Mall Training; under Agent site / Schedule).
RM70.00 Storage space provided is 100 Megabytes.
RM120.00 Storage space provided is 200 Megabytes.
RM260.00 Storage space provided is 500 Megabytes.
RM520.00 Storage space provided is 1000 Megabytes.
RM1,100.00 Storage space provided is 2000 Megabytes.
RM1,500.00 Storage space provided is 3000 Megabytes.

Advertisement Space

This Advertisement Space is for everyone to place any advertisement by impression mode and will be displayed at all pages of Ads4Bucks (High Traffic Website).
  • The rental rate is RM54.00 for every two weeks impression.