Shop4bucks Business Concept

Earn while you spend.

Existing agents are using the services (business tools) provided by Ads4Bucks such as sms blaster, blog, online Mall etc. These tools are being used to promote individual products and services. At the same time the agents may also introduce the services to others via an affiliate program and earn network incentives income given by the company. When the activities are ongoing, the agent will have one's own network under the agents account.

Through Shop4bucks program, each single agent will have potential to earn residual income when the agents within his network spend at any of our appointed affiliate merchants. The Merchants can be grocery shops, restaurants, laundry shops, hair salons, car wash, hardware, baby's items, online shopping, paying bills, other services etc.

At the same time Shop4bucks may also help to increase the merchant's business volume when the Ads4Bucks community spend at their respect outlets.

How does it work?

Ads4Bucks agents may introduce any business owner to be our affiliate merchants provided they are willing to contribute some rebate to Ads4Bucks for every spending done by our agents.

For Example:

1 The Merchant name is Barn Thai Seafood and agrees to a 10% rebate.
2 If an agent spends 100 i-bucks (1 unit i-buck = RM1.00) at Barn Thai, Barn Thai will rebate us 100 i-bucks x 10% = 10 i-bucks.
3 Out of 10 i-buck received, the company will divide it into 3 portions:
  a. 10% to the merchant's introducer = 1 i-buck.
b. 70%** to the network and = 7 i-bucks.
c.  20% to the company= 2 i-bucks.


**The 70% network portion will be spread to 10 levels equally which would mean that each level will be getting 7% of the rebate amount. In other words, each level will get 0.70 i-buck that is equivalent to RM0.70.

Your potential Income please refers to the table below. Assuming all Merchants agreed for 10% rebate and Mr Steven network structure is as below :

Level # of People Each Level Each Person Spends 100 IB/ month Total Spending by level Total Rebate
10% (A)
Network Rebate
(70% of A)/10 levels
Accumulated Income  
L1 6 people 100 600 60 4.2    
L2 40 people 100 4,000 400 28    
L3 100 people 100 10,000 1,000 70 102.20 0-49
L4 900 people 100 90,000 9,000 630    
L5 1,500 people 100 150,000 15,000 1050    
L6 3,000 people 100 300,000 30,000 2100 3882.20 50-99
L7 4,000 people 100 400,000 40,000 2800    
L8 4,000 people 100 400,000 40,000 2800 9482.20 100-199
L9 4,000 people 100 400,000 40,000 2800    
L10 4,000 people 100 400,000 40,000 2800 15082.20 200 above

The above illustration shows a network of potential income for each agent.The number of people on each level is just the estimation and the entry of people is according to the current network entry.

All people under your network are actually spending at our listed affiliate Merchants.Each agent will have ones qualifying income table as below:

i) Spend from 0 to 49 i-bucks - earn up to 3 levels only.
ii) Spend from 50 to 99 i-bucks – earn up to 6 levels only.
iii) Spend from 100 to 199 i-bucks – earn up to 8 levels.
iv) Spend 200 i-bucks and above – earn up to level 10.


70% of the rebates earned from the Merchants will be contributed to the network and agents will be enjoying residual income just by encouraging their network to spend at our affiliate Merchants instead of others. The community would actually be just spending for daily basic necessities and not to buying other Ads4Bucks products. In other words, we are supporting other people's products and the community can help to increase Merchant's revenue thus maximising their profits. The community will feel encouraged spending at the Merchant's outlet because they will be enjoying many benefits.

Anyone who has purchased Ads4Bucks' services is entitled to these benefits. Other benefits enjoyed besides the affiliate referral program incentive is the Merchant Introducer's Commission

All agents may introduce as many Merchants as they want, provided the merchants are approved by the company (please refer to Merchants agreement and Terms & Conditions).

Should you introduce a Merchant. You will be entitled for 10% out of any rebate that the company gets from the particular Merchant.

For example:

1) Sales volume spent by the community in a month – 30,000 i-bucks.
2) The Merchant agrees to pay 9% of the sales volume.
3) What you get? You will get 30,000 i-bucks x 9%x10% = 270 i-bucks.
4) The more Merchants you introduce, the more you earn.


To find out more on Merchants program, kindly contact our agents or call Ads4Bucks office during office hours.

Thank You.