Ads4Bucks Network Sdn Bhd

A place to organize and plan


Ads4Bucks is an advertisement portal and an Affiliate Program designed to provide advertisement facilities to promote products and services, using a 100% on-line concept creating traffic that any successful business or concept needs.

The Ads4Bucks advertisement space, tools and affiliate program has been designed to facilitate you to earn steadfast excellent profits. One does not have to be our registered agent to advertise ones products and services. Anybody is able to place advertisement for free. We will make sure that this portal gets high traffic thus making this portal a very successful business community.

Ads4Bucks is a unique program designed to create a very HIGHLY VALUED & HEALTHY COMMUNITY.

Diverse activities have been planned to make Ads4Bucks "The Ultimate Address".

Future Planning :

Ads4Bucks – Kitchen
Ads4Tv – Travel
Ads4Bucks – IT
Ads4TV – Internet TV
Ads4Bucks – Hypermarket

Ads4Bucks Network Capabilities

Ads4Bucks Network offers a variety of services to cater for the challenging business needs in today's fast paced world. This includes developing communication strategies from scratch, consultation and execution. Our services are strongly backed up with meticulous research, up-to-date equipments and systems and complete delivery. Ads4Bucks Network has a large network of contacts from various experts in various industries. Just name it and we assure you our finest of services.


  • Product procurement
  • Wholesale outsourcing
  • MLM marketing plan design
  • Sales letter creation


  • Graphics
  • Invitation Design
  • Corporate and Marketing Videos
  • PowerPoint, HTML, Flash Presentations
  • Website/Portal Creation
  • Conference Collateral and Handouts
  • Photography Session
  • Printing Services


  • Technical and Production Management
  • SMS Technology
  • Web/LAN/Computer
  • Audio & Video Web casting
  • Banking & Payroll System
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Claim Processing System
  • Web-Based Application Developments
  • Audio
  • Visual


  • Environment Design
  • Project Design
  • Venue Design / Theme
  • Stage Design
  • Voice Over Scripting
  • Talent Casting